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Chef Gene ThorntonSmall Potatoes Personal Chef Services

Who needs Chef Gene?

Clients come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and incomes.  Clients can take many forms including busy families, retirees, singles, special diets, people recovering from illness and grown children who live out of town purchasing the service for their aging parents.  As a personal chef, I do not focus on one particular group but serve each individual client in the way that is most appropriate for them.  What all clients tend to have in common is a desire to eat well but cook less. Think of it as buying time.  You don't have to be really wealthy to afford this service. You just want to relax at home and spend more time with family or JUST HAVE MORE TIME! 


Medical/Special Diets: 

Some post surgery patients hire a personal chef because daily cooking is too difficult an option for them. If there are special dietary needs or restrictions, I will develop the menu accordingly. It may also be a good idea for a short email exchange between your doctor and me to identify important diet considerations. Similarly many clients want to go on special diets on their own accord. Atkins, gluten-free, whatever diet it is I will follow the guidelines to ensure a great menu is developed.  


Busy Families: 

Many clients fall into the category of dual income families with children, where parents are too busy going to sports practices, Girl Scouts, or other activities and find it hard to spend time in the kitchen. I am a family man and realize the struggles to find time in a busy world where both parents often times have to work and no one can or knows how to prepare a quality meal. Years ago what every working couple longed to afford was a housekeeper. One who comes once a week, lets herself in and leaves a clean house.  It is a busy world and not every family's situation is the same. Some people have the time to cut their own grass and clean their own house. Some people don’t have time or don’t want to do those things and hire a lawn service and housecleaner.  I’m biased because I love and value quality food, but I believe having a personal chef is a more important service to outsource than the aforementioned jobs. We eat everyday and in an increasingly busy world families need help with dinner to give us what we really want: MORE TIME! More time with our kids, our spouses, our work, ourselves, whatever! My food takes time, doesn’t involve shortcuts and isn’t out of a Rachel Ray 30 Minute Cookbook. I am giving the parents in families a little more time and a little less stress in their lives.

A personal chef is a time saver. Many people splurge for housekeeping, yet get into the habit of eating out, ordering in and filling up on fast food and grocery store prepared food loaded with salt, fat, preservatives and who-knows-what else.  Everyone has limited time and everyone could use a little help. 


New Parents: 

My experience has been sometimes friends or church members help those first few weeks by bringing by some food for the new moms and dads. Then, you are on your own and do you really want to cook? No, you want to SLEEP! Many new parents want to spend time with the baby and not spend the day racing around stores and in the kitchen. With a baby on the way, women need help around the house. Hire a personal chef to come to your home and prepare healthy and tasty meals!  Be with baby, not Kitchen!



As many people age dietary considerations such as low sodium, saturated fat and other health concerns arise. Believe me when I say you will know what ingredients go in the food I prepare and have input. 


Clients say it's worth the cost for the convenience and the ability to tailor the menu to their needs. Real food with reasonable portions has a place at the dinner table.  Proper balance is key, and eating a variety of foods is important.  Choice is good but with limited time in our busy lives we often make the wrong choices.  Let me save you time, send an email or give me a call.

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  • Try your best to keep children and pets out of work area/kitchen to ensure safety.
  • Please provide as much refrigerator space as possible.
  • Confine unfriendly pets in a restrained area on cooking day.
  • Provide entry to home or leave key/instructions for entry if not home on cooking day. This includes setting alarm system so any code needed to enter your home will properly deactivate the system. 

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