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Chef Gene ThorntonSmall Potatoes Personal Chef Services

Standard Service:

The great thing about a personal chef service is its ability to take various forms.  There are NO CONTRACTS so the service can be used as frequently or infrequently as one chooses. Weekly, bi-monthly or monthly service is customary.  A cook date is set and I come to your house and cook several delicious meals to enjoy over the next several days.  A menu will be customized based on the client assessment. Family recipes or restaurant favorites can be requested or the menu can be left to Chef Gene. The really great thing about the service is that the longer I do cook for an individual or family, the more personalized it gets. Here is an example of a standard dinner service that will satisfy Singles/Couples/Families:

Standard Dinner Service:

3 meals, 12 servings total, $250* + cost of groceries (Recommended for Single or First time clients)

4 meals, 16 servings total, $300* + cost of groceries

5 meals, 20 servings total, $350* + cost of groceries (Recommended for Larger Families) 

*Groceries typically range from $75 - $150 but depend on each menu.

*Does not include container fees.  As a regular client, it is advisable to purchase a Pyrex container setup which will make heating and storage much easier. First time customers may use disposbable containers for a fee of typically $20.  Each service is tailored to fit your individual needs. Please contact Chef Gene for an exact quote.


Service includes:

Free client assesment 

Customized menu planning 

Grocery shopping (you can request a specific store!)

Meal preparation of delicious meals in your home (I bring my equipment)

Packaging and Labeling with heating instructions

Great smelling, clean kitchen



Contact Us

Gene Thornton

Small Potatoes Personal Chef Services

104 Old Oak Trail 

Anderson, SC

Call me at 864 643-9309 or email at


  • Try your best to keep children and pets out of work area/kitchen to ensure safety.
  • Please provide as much refrigerator space as possible.
  • Confine unfriendly pets in a restrained area on cooking day.
  • Provide entry to home or leave key/instructions for entry if not home on cooking day. This includes setting alarm system so any code needed to enter your home will properly deactivate the system. 

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